Friday, August 3, 2007

Only a team like Golden State would sign Austin Croshere

According to, The Golden State Warriors signed Austin Croshere.

...Wow. You mean they're happy to add that useless lug's 3.7 rebounds and 3.0 points per game over hard working players who busted their ass for nothing like Matt Barnes and Pietrus? What are they smoking?

I'll let the first sentence of this blog speak for itself. There's NO way any sane human being would've signed an idiot like Croshere to a contract. He can't shoot unless he's wide open with no one guarding him, can't play defense, well...can't do ANYTHING. So why would the Warriors sign him?

Why must these hug lugs of talentless crap STILL be playing for teams? Jerome James, Michael Olawakandi, the list goes on and on. It just makes me scratch my head sometimes, it really does. I mean, the logic just astounds me.

Whatever, it's not like Golden State's going to be any better. 42-40 is pretty much the best you can get with that team. I mean if Baron Davis didn't play an average of 30 games a year, then they'd be 50-32 EASY. But he just gets so hurt. Is his body made of cheap plastic?

And Don Nelson is rambling on about how he needs an extra three million for the job he's done so far? Dude, you're almost as old as Bill Fitch, you have no idea what the hell you're doing out there anymore, give it up. I mean sure, you can make Avery Johnson shit his pants in fear at the sight of you and your team, but what else? You proved that Dallas is the only team your team can beat, as proven by the ass kicking you got from Utah.

I mean, I love watching Golden State, but enough is enough, this gives me a headache.


Jay said...

Croshere - I've never seen him do anything. I've seen him in games, I've seen him run and down the court, but I've never actually seen him do anything notable or helpful. He always seems to be "just there" to me. So yeah, he's pretty useless.

I know this is sort of off-topic, but I hated Croshere when I played Franchise/association mode in NBA 2K7. The guy was the highest paid player on my Mavericks, had a low overall rating, and was pretty much untradeable. I guess that's a lot like real life, isn't it?

PYLW said...

Jay- That's pretty much the best way you can sum him up. Useless, does nothing. He used to have an okay three point shot...but that's it.

Yeah, I am not surprised that he sucks in videogames, too...:P

Basketbawful said...

AC turned one decent series against the Lakers in the 2000 NBA Finals into seven years of salary cap slavery for the Pacers. BUT, one thing that cat can do is hit the trey. For a run-n-gun team like the Warriors, that's the only skill you need.